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Nakron Frozen Food Cold Storage / COLD STORAGE


NAKRON INFRA offers Modular Cold Rooms construction and large cold storages with PUF Insulated Panels and caters to Food processing, Hospitality, Warehouses, Food Retail, Dairy & Ice cream industry , Mushroom, Meat, Chicken & Fish processing industry, Floriculture, pharmaceuticals and others.


We offer the solutions for Nakron Modular Cold Rooms, Nakron Large Cold Warehouses, Nakron Freezer Rooms, Nakron Blast Freezers, Nakron Ripening Chambers, Nakron Mushroom Growing Room, Nakron Pack Houses with wide range of PUF insulated Wall, Ceiling, Floor panels and Doors.



  • Custom Built & Pre-engineered construction with PUF Insulated Panels
  • Options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / Al Foil, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
  • Walls of various heights and Ceiling Panels for longer spans with good thermal break suspender systems.
  • International Standards Joinery systems for Wall to Ceiling and Wall to Floor Panels
  • Doors with High Quality Hinges, locks & Handles along with release button from inside
  • PVC / Aluminium Coving (Optional)



  • High and Consistent quality as the panels are factory made with Camlock and Non Camlock, both options
  • Higher energy savings and high performance as very low thermal conductivity
  • Dry construction, Quick and easy to erect
  • Flexibility to choose the various thicknesses of panels based on the various temperature requirements
  • Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions & requirements.
  • Ease of expansion and change in lay out as the construction is pre-engineered and modular in nature.


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Warranty :

Nakron Infra Pvt Ltd are make very good quality product and same are covered under one year warranty.