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 Nakron Staff Accommodation

NAKRON INFRA Prefabricated Site Office are the most convenient solution for your onsite requirement. Site Office are the optimal solution of frequent use of buildings in different locations. NAKRON INFRA Prefab Porta-Cabins are designed by a panel of experts including architects, structural engineers, Interior designers, consultants and users. NAKRON INFRASite Office are designed & developed based on standard ISO specification & conditions for end use, maintaining the highest structural stability, earth quake proof, weatherproof, leak-proof & faultless operation under extreme climatic conditions.

You can simply buy and transfer the Site Office from one location to another to be used for several purposes like:

  • Family accommodation
  • Single executive accommodation
  • Site offices
  • Recreation room
  • Stores
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Mess [dining],
  • Dormitory
  • Laboratory
  • Toilet / bath
  • Site accommodation

The side walls, ceilings and floors of our pre-fabricated buildings is provided with Pre-painted G.I sheet/SS Sheet/Aluminum Sheet with proper insulation of polyurethane/EPS to resist heat during summer and restore heat during winter time. These specifications make them applicable for use in all seasons without worrying about weather. Pre-fabricated buildings are made of steel to guarantee safety.

Electrical & Sanitary fittings and other internal accessories are all available and the delivered Porta-cabin will be ready to move in condition.

NAKRON INFRA BUNK HOUSES are available in various sizes,design and they have following features:                                                                                

1.)Aesthetic finish

2.)No painting required - original baked paint on the surface of wall & roof

3.)Adequate insulation 5-7 degree 'C' ambience temparature difference

4.)All electrical facility - wiring, all socket, light fixtures as applicable.

5.)No foundation required

6.)Unit transportable by truck.

7.)Great resistance to natural disasters

8.)Weather proof


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